Covid 19 Regulations

1. No one who is sick, coughing or feverish will be allowed to enter the church.
2. Face masks will need to be worn by everyone. (The speaker will be allowed to take his mask off when speaking from the front. He should be far enough removed from the congregation.)
3. The pews will be divided so that we can practice social distancing when seated and at all other times.
4. All surfaces like door knobs, light switches, the wood on the seat backs, faucets, sinks and toilets will be disinfected. Everyone should wipe those down after every use.
5. We will supply the Lysol wipes etc.
6. Hand sanitizer will be available and everyone will be asked to use it.
7. We plan an ultra simple Church Service. (One person on the platform only. He/she will do everything so that we use only one mic.
8. Everyone will come in the front door and exit through the door on the same side of the building farthest to the west.
9.Bring your tithe and offerings. There will be a box by the exit door where you may deposit it.
10. We will forego Communion Services until we feel comfortable that we can control things safely.
11. Bring your own water because the fountains will not be available from which to drink.
12. We’ve designated a special room for anyone who feels the are at risk.
13. There will be no Sabbath School classes downstairs, again until we feel free to do it.
14. After we announce that we will open, please send your prayer requests by e-mail to me <>. I will read them from the front and pray for them.